Welcome to Rainbow Miracle Christian Academy

Due to the financial crisis in our country Uganda together with the HIV/AIDS scourge, it resulted to many children not going to school. This created a great percentage of illiteracy. So, as a tool to fight illiteracy and creating self sustaining and God fearing generation, we started praying and trusting God to help us build a Christian school. We came to realize that God never fails.

In the year 2006, God used some of our friends in the U.S.A and they helped us realize this dream. The school was built. In the year 2007, Rainbow Miracle Christian Academy was born. It has the capacity of 300 kids.

The main challenge we have is that almost 2/3 of the children going to this school are either orphans or they live in very poor families. They therefore can’t afford tuition (school fees). They need some one to sponsor them.


School structures
You can also sponsor a teacher by helping in paying for his/her salary.
With a donation of $110, you will be able to pay for a teacher’s salary for one month.
Please pray for God’s direction to either sponsor a needy child to access education or to pay a school teacher to enable him/her teach these kids.

Leadership in EMCC

Break time at Rainbow Miracle Christian Academy

kids in their classroom

With a donation of $170, you can sponsor a child at our school for a whole year.
This $170 will cater for this child to pay for tuition (school fees), it will also cater to feed him/her of break fast and lunch for a whole year.
What a blessing you can become in the life of these needy children. Think about helping one or more.

For more informationyou can contact us on the addresses below
Entebbe Miracle Centre Church,
P.O Box 84,
Entebbe, Uganda.
Tel: +256-414-321771,   
        : miraclecathedral@gmail.com