Aaron Mutebi is child number five of his ten brothers and sisters. He came to know the Lord as his savoir Lord on 16th August 1986.
The same year he joined a local Bible school in the city of Kampala, Uganda, to learn more about God and the Bible.
The Lord placed a call upon his life the same year he and told him, “Aaron go teach my people and heal the body of Christ with the power of the Gospel From that time on, he has seen uncountable miracles of healings and deliverance taking place in his ministry through the preaching and teaching of the word.
In 1989, he was ordained a licensed church minister to preach and to teach God’s word. Pastor Aaron Mutebi holds a certificate in Biblical interpretation and teaching from Christian Fellowship, Uganda,
He is a five Star student with a higher certificate in Basic Bible teachings.
He is also a Gold Seal Student having a Diploma in Theology with the Baptist churches of Uganda.
He also holds a certificate in spiritual warfare with Morris Cerullo world evangelism Chicago, Illinois, USA.
Aaron Mutebi got married to Justine on 22nd July 1989.
He has 7 children, two daughters and five sons.
He is an author and an international Bible speaker.
He has traveled extensively in Africa, Europe and the United Sates.
On 31st March 1991, the Lord led him and he founded Entebbe Miracle Centre Church in the city of Entebbe, Uganda Africa, a church he pastors up to this day.
You can contact him at:familypic