Humble Beggining (Breif History)

Entebbe Miracle Centre Church(EMCC) was founded in 1991 by Pastor Aaron Mutebi with a few people. The first church structure was built of papyrus reeds, and some eucalyptus poles. It was a very humble beginning.
The membership of the starting group was very small.  In the year 1998, there was an average attendance of 200 Members in the morning service and 80 in the evening service. But due to the unceasing prayers of this determined small group and being in one accord, the church has grown dramatically spiritually, physically and numerically.

By the grace of God today we have a 3500 membership church building(under construction). For the purpose of enlarging God’s Kingdom, EMCC has planted 104 daughter churches within different parts of Uganda.In the year 1998 we began offering two Sunday morning services to enable more people to attend church with more choice of times, and with a desire to have members reach out and invite friends to worship.  Both services have blended music (includes both contemporary and traditional hymns), with contemporary emphasis.
Sunday service in the church structure before roofing
Our history is very humble but we thank God for bringing us this far, ebenezer

Our first church which was made up of papyrus in 1991

Pastor Aaron in the year 1989