Entebbe Miracle Centre Church members have always engaged in different evangelical activities and of those the main ones are;
We hold crusades every month in different places with the main purpose of winning souls for God as the bible requires us in Mark 16:15 “ And He said unto them, go into the whole world and preach the Gospel to all creation.International evangelists are welcome to preach through this Ministry,Uganda unlike many other countries is very open to the word of God.The Ugandan laws encourage Freedom of Worship anywhere,anytime

Hospital and Prison Ministry
This ministry is so important to the church and to the entire community.A group of evangelists visits different hospitals and prisons around the country to restore patients and prisoners hope for living. Church members donate cash, food, clothes,sugar,soap and other utilities which are distributed by the evangelists and this has so much improved on the living conditions of the patients and given hope to the prisoners

Feeding the Hungry
This is always done on special days like Christmas, Easter Sundays, New Year’s Day…where potential church members give in food stuffs, drinks among others to the needy people who can’t access them with the passion of extending love to God’s needy ones.  
Community hygiene
This is basically done by the Youth in the church. A day is set every month for the youth to go to community centers, market places, to do general cleaning. This is intended to increase the communication between the church and the community around.

At EMCC we believe in the Old adage that"healthy mind sits in a healthy body" that’s why we encourage the church members to get involved in different sports activities. Among these are Football, basketball and netball, where we have our pastoral team, youth team, students team, church elders team playing against other teams from different churches and communities. These directly contribute to people’s fitness and health and is itself away of reaching out.

Go to the world and preach the word of God.

Senior Pastor Aaron Mutebi at one of the min crusades in the near by Suburbs.