Welcome to the official website of Entebbe Miracle Centre Church (EMCC),we hope by visiting this site,you will develop a personal relationship with God if you are not saved already or renew your faith if you are a believer and be able to move on to the great Journey to Heaven.The Bible says with God all things are possible, Matthew 19:26.Please we trust God to speak to your heart as you prayerfully navigate through this website. Entebbe Miracle Centre Church(EMCC) was founded in 1991 by Pastor Aaron Mutebi with a few people. The first church structure was built of papyrus reeds, and some eucalyptus poles. It was a very humble beginning.

The membership of the starting group was very small.  In the year 1998, there was an average attendance of 200 Members in the morning service and 80 in the evening service. But due to the unceasing prayers of this determined small group and being in one accord, the church has grown dramatically spiritually, Read More...


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